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Case Study: CIBC Takes The Canadian Mobile Banking Market Beyond WAP

CIBC Hits Client Adoption Target More Than One Year Ahead Of Estimates

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    Two years ago, CIBC — one of the five largest Canadian banks — saw momentum building behind mobile banking, momentum that would likely increase with the launch of the iPhone in Canada. As part of its strategic plan to offer clients increased access and choice in how and where they bank, CIBC developed its mobile strategy. The company implemented a mobile banking architecture built by Sybase and launched mobile banking via WAP, iPhone and rich HTML to its clients. Results have exceeded expectations, with more than 100,000 downloads of the app within weeks of the launch, and the offering garnered customer and media accolades along the way.
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    • Situation: CIBC Saw The Chance To Lead The Market In Mobile Beyond WAP
    • Best Practice: CIBC Carefully Prioritized What It Did — And Didn't — Want
    • CIBC Hits Its Mobile Adoption Target 14 Months Early

      CIBC Finds Success In Prioritizing Investments And Making Strategic Choices
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