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Case Study: Customer Input Shaped Office 2010

How Customer Input Improves Product Creation Efforts

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    This report isn't about what's new in Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft's forthcoming release of its popular productivity software suite. Rather, it's a case study that highlights best practices in injecting customer input into the product creation life cycle. By studying the Office 2010 example, consumer product strategy professionals can better understand the tools that are available for harnessing customer input and their relative usefulness, based on whether you are creating a new product or modifying an existing product. Consumer product strategists can thus adopt the relevant tools for their product and adapt them as necessary over the course of the product creation life cycle to meet the needs of the development team.
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    • Microsoft Continues To Innovate Its Office Software Suite
    • For The Office 2010 Team, Innovation Begins And Ends With The Customer

      Adopt Customer Input Tools To Fit The Product Creation Life Cycle
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