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Case Study: Giffgaff Uses Co-Creation To Build A Differentiated Mobile Service Business – A Social Computing Report

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    Just a few years ago, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) were a dime a dozen. Big companies like Disney and ESPN tried — yet failed — to create a mobile experience differentiated from the main operators in their markets. How have consumer product strategy (CPS) professionals at giffgaff, a small offshoot of UK mobile operator O2, succeeded where other prominent companies repeatedly failed? The early success of giffgaff hinges on its ability to deliver a radically differentiated service in an extremely mature market. By eschewing traditional service provider business models in favor of co-created products and services, CPS professionals at giffgaff have created a distinct product experience that is continuously evolving via co-creation with public community members. Other CPS pros can take a page out of giffgaff's playbook and look for ways to leverage co-creation to launch new entrepreneurial lines of business either within or outside of their core markets.
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    • Co-Creation Is The Foundation Of The Giffgaff Business Model
    • Co-Creation Allows Giffgaff To Deliver On Its Four Key Business Tenets

      Unleash The Startup Within Your Own Company

      Supplement Or Supplant Innovation Labs With Radical Co-Creation
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