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Case Study: How Fox And Microsoft Used Mobile Research To Measure Movie Advertising Impact

Mobile Research Helped Gain Insight In The Buildup Of Movie Promotion

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    Fox and Microsoft Advertising collaborated on a project at the end of 2008 to better understand the impact of and the interaction between the different media channels used to promote movies. They used MESH Planning's mobile research methodology, called TROI, to capture marketing touchpoints in real time. This approach helped Fox better understand the buildup effects of different channels in the promotion of the movies Australia and The Day the Earth Stood Still. The study uncovered that the engagement with posters wears out quite fast, while Internet offers a variety of opportunities for engagement. But the study also showed that the effectiveness of the campaign elements is influenced by the type of movie. Over time, by doing more studies, Fox will have more insight into the campaign effectiveness of specific genres, audiences, and countries, resulting in an improved media ROI.
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    • Situation: Traditional Advertising Tracking Doesn't Measure Media Buildup
    • Best Practice: Mobile Surveying Is Used To Capture Experiences In Real Time
    • Best Practice Results: Understanding The Channel Effectiveness
    • Next Step: More Insight Needed Into Specific Genre, Audience, Or Country
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