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Case Study: How SNS Bank Put The Web At The Heart Of Its New Multichannel Strategy

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    To achieve its goal of becoming the best self-service bank in the Netherlands, SNS Bank developed an innovative multichannel banking strategy that puts the Web at the center of the customer relationship. It launched an integrated public and secure site with state-of-the-art functionality; reorganized its branches into a network of lean, cashless banking shops that serve as a physical extension of the Web; introduced a mobile sales force that specializes in selling complex products from both the bank itself and other providers; and implemented a state-of-the-art cross-channel marketing campaign management platform. With this new strategy, SNS Bank adapts to changing channel behavior, eliminates channel conflict, and increases marketing effectiveness. SNS Bank expects that the new strategy will generate some clear business results by the end of 2012.
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    • SNS Bank Wants To Become The Best Self-Service Bank In The Netherlands
    • SNS Bank's Strategy Addresses A Range Of Major Challenges

      SNS Bank Shows Some Clear Best Practices In Executing Its Strategy
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