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Case Study: Intel Uses Social Media To Transform The Customer Experience – A Social Computing Report

Best Practices In Customer Service Social Media

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    Most people know Intel as a provider of microprocessors for large manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, and HP. However, a large proportion of Intel's business comes from an elaborate network of customers, including resellers, from around the globe. To effectively manage and engage these customers, Intel has deployed online communities. Intel worked hard to define how its online communities would enrich the experience of its customers who are hungry for information about Intel's products and want to interact with their peers. By providing these customers with the expertise and information they need via these online communities, Intel continues to maintain and strengthen its competitive advantage in the market. Intel's online communities have enabled the company to engage more deeply with customers and respond more effectively to customer questions, which builds stronger loyalty. And Intel's online communities have not only improved the customer experience, but they have helped the company reduce operating costs.
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