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Case Study: Lawson Software Drives Sales Through Analyst Relations

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    Lawson Software's analyst relations (AR) team is succeeding where most teams fail; it's delivering quantifiable, direct sales benefits. With two-thirds of its sales cycles affected by industry analysts, it's vital for Lawson to know which analysts are influencing each prospect and for it to have repeatable sales support mechanisms in place to influence deal outcomes. Lawson's AR generates new sales opportunities, as well, and it achieves all this in spite of changing business priorities that alter AR's focus each year.
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    • Situation: AR Team Rewarded On Company Performance And Sales Contribution
    • Best Practice: AR Provides Extensive Sales Support
    • Best Practice: AR Responds To Analysts Very Swiftly
    • Best Practice: Prioritization Via Perceptions, Recommendations, And Metrics
    • Best Practice Results: Lead Generation Is Achievable But Fragile
    • Best Practice Results: Reports Generate Leads When The Timing Is Right

      How To Apply Lawson Software's Best Practices
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