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Case Study: Novell Uses Collaborative Remote Support To Transform Its Customer Experience

How Novell Transformed Its Global Technical Support Operations

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    In the services industry, the ultimate goal is to increase customer satisfaction while lowering support costs with improved productivity. Unfortunately, introducing new tools for productivity gains often results in lower satisfaction. But Novell cracked this nut. During a time of constrained budgets, limited resources, and increased service demands, Novell implemented a new remote support tool from Bomgar and realized significant productivity and customer satisfaction improvements. Novell worked with Bomgar's Remote Support Software to overcome common people, process, and technology issues to ensure a smooth customer experience. Novell introduced multichannel communications to improve its customer service model; created a standard support environment; improved collaboration and staff efficiency; and provided a more flexible environment where customer challenges are solved in real time. The result? Novell shifted 90% of its incoming support calls to an online chat model. This improved staff productivity by 30% and cut the average cost per request in half — all while improving customer satisfaction by 15%!
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