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Case Study: Sovereign Bank Improves Multichannel Selling With Online Advice Tool

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    Sovereign Bank knew that more small business customers were going online, but its Web site had only static content with no online application. New accounts could only be opened in branches. Many of the leads Sovereign did get online were unqualified, and finding the right products could be challenging for both new customers and branch representatives. The bank implemented an online guided selling tool from Ignite Sales using the Web as a gateway for its multichannel sales process. Within three months of its online launch, the online channel had sourced more than $2 million in new deposit leads for the branches. The online guided selling tool has improved the online customer experience with self-service applications, improved lead quality for the bank, and reduced complexity and sales time for customers, and it has also helped the bank integrate multiple channels into a better sales process.
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    • Problem: Sovereign Had No eBusiness And A Limited Multichannel Sales Process
    • Action: Sovereign Built An Online Guided Selling Tool On A Proven Framework
    • Results: Sovereign Sees Multichannel Benefits Through Online Guided Selling
    • Analysis: What's Next For Online Guided Selling Tools?

      Build An Online Guided Selling Tool To Drive Multichannel Sales
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