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Case Study: Splashtop Product Strategists Create Innovative, Disruptive Education Software

Breaking Into Education Technology Requires Thinking Big And Acting Small

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    Technology product strategists, frustrated by low margins and fragmented procurement, have long dismissed the education market as too difficult to penetrate. But that's finally changing, thanks to schools' increasing emphasis on technology adoption and to disruptive technologies, such as Apple's iPad, that introduce a variety of new product opportunities. This report analyzes the product strategy of one software company, Splashtop, as a case study for what product strategists should do to successfully introduce new products for educational institutions. Splashtop's Whiteboard product for the iPad innovates with low-cost convenience, mobility, interactivity, and social capabilities. In doing so, it strengthens Apple's position in K-12 classrooms and disrupts the product strategy of established vendors such as Polyvision, Promethean, and Smart Technologies.
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