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Case Study: USAA Uses Social Media To Drive Sales, Product, And Service Strategies – A Social Computing Report

Capturing Ratings And Reviews Fits Well With USAA's Overall Strategy

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    Financial services firm USAA created its first formal social media strategy in October 2008. In 2009, it further refined and represented the strategy as four pillars of focus: listening, engaging, strengthening relationships, and innovation. As a tactic of listening and engaging, USAA engaged Bazaarvoice to offer ratings and reviews to its members on Nearly a year later, the results are astounding. Thousands of members have provided reviews, and USAA has used those reviews to drive product improvements, improve Web site conversion, and increase interactive marketing effectiveness.
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    • Situation: USAA Pondered The Role Of Social Media To Its Business
    • Best Practice: USAA Brings Social Media Tactics To eBusiness
    • Ratings And Reviews Provide The "Authentic Voice" Of USAA Members
    • USAA Has Achieved Tangible Results From The Use Of Social Media On Its Web Site

      USAA Leads The Way In Bringing Social Media To eBusiness
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