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Case Study: Yahoo! Fantasy Football – A POST Report

Mobile Consumers Create Multichannel Value

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    Most consumer product and services companies work from the assumption that multichannel customers are the most valuable. All the evidence indicates that this is true. They also assume that mobile consumers are a subset of online consumers. This is mostly, but not always, true. Mobile has emerged as both its own unique experience as well as a complement to other channels. Yahoo!'s Fantasy Football product offers insight into a company that is profiting from the multichannel consumer who is both online and on mobile. Consumer product strategists designing similar interactive, multimedia products should weave mobile into the mix — but not just as a shrunken PC desktop. Instead, they should take into account the contextual usage cases best suited to mobile devices.
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    • Yahoo!'s Fantasy Football Game Is A True Multichannel Experience
    • Yahoo! Generates More Revenues By Offering A Multichannel Product

      Adding Mobile To The Multichannel Mix Doesn't Mean Making A Mini Channel
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