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Sustain Agile With Formal And Informal Training

Slow and Steady Is Key To Managing Organizational Change

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    This report outlines the change management for Forrester's solution for application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals working on Agile and Lean. This report is designed to help you optimize your Agile and Lean transformation. Agile and Lean practices are here to stay, but that doesn't guarantee that companies will be successful with long-term continued improvement with Agile. Real change means more than just teams adopting new practices; it means that organizations must also change. Software delivery teams need to learn how to perfect their craft, a journey that takes a lifetime, and the organization has to create an environment in which they can flourish. Investing in training in a silo won't work; building a combination of formal and informal education practices sustained by an organization that sees the value of change will.
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    • Lean Is The Vision; Agile Is The Journey
    • Transparency First: Vision Sustains Goals Of Behavioral Change
    • Learning Opportunities Provide Continuous Support For Change

      Make Your Agile Transition An Exercise In Strong Change Management
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