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Client Virtualization Will Fail Without A Hybrid Approach

I&O Leaders Must Recognize That Virtual Desktops Require Hybrid Skills And Tools

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    Client virtualization does not replace physical clients as many seem to think. You still need a physical client device, creating a complex hybrid environment of both physical and virtual components, plus new data center and network infrastructure. IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders who are adopting client virtualization will face higher operational costs, poor end user satisfaction, and reduced availability if they don't change their approach to reflect these new realities. Best-practice organizations have overcome the challenges and delivered high levels of end user satisfaction and availability by building special teams with skill sets representing these disciplines, choosing tools carefully, and holding end user experience as the top priority. To maximize your value from client virtualization, Forrester recommends a hybrid approach: Assemble a hybrid team of business end user, client, data center, and supporting experts, and employ hybrid management tools.
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    • A Siloed Approach To Client Virtualization Is Your First Step Toward Failure
    • Keys To Success: Build A Team, Focus On The Right Issues, And Use Hybrid Tools

      To Get Started, Assess The Team, Set Challenges, And Focus On End Users
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