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Closing The Experience Gaps

Adopt A New Experience Architecture And Philosophy To Bridge Gaps In Performance, Convenience, Personalization, And Trust

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    Improving customer experience is now the No. 1 priority of business executives. And as Forrester's revised Customer Experience Index makes clear, simply meeting needs is not enough to deliver effective, easy, enjoyable customer experiences. Instead, firms must overcome experience gaps in performance, convenience, personalization, and trust by adopting a new experience architecture and philosophy. Fast-moving customer teams in eBusiness, marketing, and customer experience eagerly adopt software that closes the gaps. This report asserts that to play a meaningful role in customer experiences, CIOs must either deliver or disown a business technology (BT) agenda that includes the technology, systems, and processes to sense and respond to the demands of customers and those who serve them.
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    • Delivering Great Customer Experiences Is Now Job One
    • Experience Delivery Requires A New Architecture And Philosophy
    • Invest In Software That Closes The Experience Gaps
    • Closing The Experience Gaps Creates A Shared Focus On Growth

      CIOs: Drive Experience Delivery, Or Disown The BT Agenda

      The Experience Economy Will Kick Into High Gear
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