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A standardized IT capability (services, software, or infrastructure) delivered in a pay-per-use, self-service way. Research coverage includes cloud security.

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  • For CIO Professionals

    REPORT: Forrester Data: Private Cloud Solutions Forecast, 2017 To 2022 (Global)

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    November 16, 2017 Jennifer Adams, Lauren E. Nelson

    While public cloud's hypergrowth garners a lot of press, we expect continuing applications and opportunities for private cloud solutions. Private cloud can provide the speed to market and scalability of public cloud, yet with enhanced security through its various deployment options. In this forecast, we examine growth in four private cloud categories: 1) private cloud software suites; 2) private cloud platforms; 3) pre-integrated converged solutions and appliances; and 4) hosted private cloud.

  • For CIO Professionals

    REPORT: Data Brief: Public Cloud — The Momentum Continues

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    November 15, 2017 Jennifer Adams

    Forrester believes the public cloud services market is one the biggest disruptions in the tech market in the last 15 years. In November 2016, we published our Forrester Data: Public Cloud Services Forecast, 2016 To 2020 (Global), estimating a 22% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the public cloud market through 2020. In this data-driven report, we look at how the public cloud services market has evolved and what new information has emerged since we published our forecast last year.

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    REPORT: Adapt Your Governance Framework For Cloud

    Processes: The Cloud Computing Playbook

    November 14, 2017 Sophia I. Vargas

    As cloud adoption accelerates, businesses must develop standard practices around security, performance, and cost to meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders. Regardless of who spearheaded cloud usage, infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals will increasingly inherit responsibilities around cloud service quality and compliance. This report helps I&O pros understand how to adapt existing governance policies and practices to effectively manage cloud services without devaluing the benefits of cloud.

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    REPORT: An I&O Pro's Guide To Enterprise Cloud Standards, Q4 2017

    Understanding A Diverse, Multipurpose Ecosystem

    November 10, 2017 Charles Betz, Lauren E. Nelson

    Cloud platforms are becoming the default choice for digital delivery; rapid provisioning and access to new functions are driving adoption. However, with increased speed to acquire and expand usage, enterprises struggle to manage risk across vendor lock-in, bill increases, and completeness of security practices. Many users are seeking assurance. Cloud standards of various kinds can be part of the answer to portability, interoperability, security assurances, and organizational best practices.. This report will help infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals understand their options and set priorities.

  • For CIO Professionals

    REPORT: Predictions 2018: Digital Will Disrupt Siloed Healthcare Ecosystems

    Cloud, AI, And IoT Integrations Will Improve CX And Accelerate Digital Transformation

    November 10, 2017 Kate McCarthy, Alex Kramer

    2018 will bring US healthcare payers, providers, and pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations continued regulatory uncertainty and increasing consumer demands — which means healthcare digital strategists need to accelerate their companies' transformations. In this report, Forrester predicts what patients will want and how successful firms will use enterprise health clouds (EHCs) and robots of all sorts — from artificial intelligence to chatbots to robotic process automation (RPA) — to deliver it.

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