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Clouds Appearing In The Sky Of Outsourcing

How Outsourcing Providers Can Turn Cloud Computing And SaaS From Threats Into Opportunities

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    While cloudy vendor marketing is creating customer confusion, cloud computing represents a powerful force that will change the IT services landscape. Public and private clouds in particular represent a new paradigm for provisioning enterprise IT infrastructure services. The first wave of cloud services will provide benefits to self-contained enterprises, while the second wave of clouds will primarily address outsourced IT infrastructures. Some service provider strategists perceive cloud services as a threat to their business. But in this report, Forrester introduces an alternative approach to enable outsourcing providers to benefit from close collaboration with SaaS application vendors for cloud-based services.
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    • Technology Populism Drives The First Wave Of Cloud Adoption
    • Outsourcing Providers Can Initiate The Second Wave Of Cloud Adoption

      Outsourcers Can Turn Clouds And SaaS From Threats Into Opportunities
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