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Combining Survey Research And Behavioral Tracking Creates Deeper Insights

Insights And Lessons Learned From Forrester's Social Media Behavioral Tracking Study

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    When it comes to gaining quantitative consumer intelligence, market insights professionals can use a wide array of methodologies — including behavioral. Many market insights professionals currently rely solely on survey research to address consumer insights needs. But depending on the type of business issue at hand and the level of granularity needed to address it, market insights professionals increasingly incorporate behavioral tracking insights to their research mix. This report describes when it makes sense for market insights professionals to turn to behavioral tracking to supplement their existing market research, outlines the challenges and opportunities involved when combining survey research and behavioral tracking, and examines Forrester's behavioral insights case study on social media behavior.
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    • Behavioral Research Adds Value To The Treasure Trove Of Options
    • Merging Behavioral Data With Survey Data Requires A Process

      Survey Research And Behavioral Tracking Create Actionable Insights
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