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Community Marketing: A New Discipline For Business Technology Marketers – A Business Technology (BT) Report

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    Technology marketers' traditional demand generation and customer conversion playbook won't cut it in the tech market transformation from information technology (IT) to business technology (BT). Buyers who are concerned with using technology to exploit new business opportunities, not staying in sync with vendors' IT visions, are dominating technology markets; adoption of business capabilities is their objective, not product selection. These business technologists use Web 2.0 technologies to advance adoption goals. Community marketing, which encompasses an attitudinal, procedural, and technological overhaul of technology marketing practices, is the new discipline for matching buyers' business needs with technology vendor capabilities.
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    • The IT To BT Transition Demands A New Technology Marketing Discipline
    • The Rise Of Community Marketing
    • Orchestrating Community Marketing: The Adoption Vent

      Get Your Business Ready For The Next Big Change In Tech Industry Marketing

      A More Strategic Role For Technology Industry Marketing
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