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Consider These Five Criteria When Choosing A Microsoft Volume Licensing Program

Key Factors When Evaluating Enterprise Agreements Against Alternatives

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    Selecting the right Microsoft volume licensing program is a major decision for IT sourcing and vendor management executives and it gets more complicated every year. This report analyzes the key issues that you should consider, including how to plan and finance upgrades and the products and licensing rules that Microsoft has tied to its Software Assurance (SA) program. It will explain the impact of technology changes such as mobility and cloud on your Microsoft licensing decisions. We'll also predict how Microsoft will try to increase adoption of its flagship Enterprise Agreement (EA) program in the face of threats to its dominance, both from software competitors and from alternative non-Wintel devices.
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    • Picking The Right Program Is A Complex Decision, And Mistakes Can Be Costly
    • There Are Many Decision Factors, But Five Are Most Important

      Microsoft Will Continue To Boost SA's Value
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