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Continuous Delivery Is Reshaping The Future Of ALM

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    The novelist William Gibson has noted that "The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed." That's precisely the current state of affairs with application life-cycle management (ALM). A previously quiet revolution in ALM called DevOps is now noisily elbowing its way into the mainstream. If Agile software development was the opening act to a great performance, continuous delivery is the headliner. The pace at which consumers expect change is causing a crisis in application development and delivery (AD&D), but it's exactly what's essential to create a sense of urgency. Agile was a good start, but it wasn't sufficient to drive better business results; continuous delivery forges the broken link in the value chain, connecting business strategy with business results. Even if fully continuous delivery is not your goal, proceeding toward it will help you increase reliability, reduce risks, and decrease costs. The revolution is just beginning, but it's real — and the time to act is now.
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    • Welcome To Hyperspace
    • A New SDLC Is Emerging
    • The New Norm Is Multiplatform And Multidevice
    • The AD&D Organization Of The Future Is Flat, Lean, And Responsive
    • Portfolio-Driven ALM Will Deliver A Continuous Stream Of Value
    • New Approaches Will Fill The Deployment Pipeline
    • ALM In The Cloud Will Become The Rule, Not The Exception
    • Application Modernization Is A Waypoint On The Journey

      Don't Wait For The Future — It's Already Here
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