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Controlling Storage Cost Amid High Growth

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    Storage capacity has been growing fast for the past five years, and an end to the recession is only likely to spur further expansion as projects are re-funded. Recent data shows storage commanding a higher portion of the overall IT budget, but the amount of increased budget is likely not enough to fully accommodate the increased quantity of data with existing levels of efficiency. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals will need to keep a close eye on containing the storage footprint while accommodating data growth of all kinds. Since the budget is not likely to grow dramatically any time soon, end of recession or not, being smart about efficiency is more critical than ever. This document is intended to explore the dynamics of storage capacity and budget growth and look at ways to improve efficiency so that the new data has somewhere to reside.
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      Storage Budgets As A Percentage Of Technology Hardware Budgets, 2007 And 2009