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Create An Adaptive Global Organization

Your Geographic Context Frames Your Route To Adaptive Marketing

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    Economic turmoil, digital marketing, social media, and maladaptive organizational charts are converging, encouraging marketing leaders to restructure their global teams. They should create an adaptive global organization. However, marketers will have to take a route to this goal that reflects their geographic context, which could be totally global, totally local, or somewhere in between. To uncover their context and plan their journey, marketers must study the current structure of their organizations, the strength of their marketing assets, and the behavior of their customers.
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    • Rapid Change Drives Global Marketing Reorganization
    • Context No. 1: When Global Brands Serve Global Buyers
    • Context No. 2: When Most Marketing Is Local
    • Context No. 3: When Global And Local Pressures Collide

      Map Your Geographic Profile To Understand Your Options
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