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Customer Experience Professionals' Introduction To Enterprise Feedback Management Vendors

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    Operating a comprehensive voice of the customer program involves complex challenges, such as collecting customer feedback across channels and tailoring reports for diverse internal audiences. Enterprise feedback management vendors simplify these processes by giving customer experience professionals a central system for feedback collection, analysis, and reporting. The enterprise feedback management space is currently crowded and evolving. To make sense of it, customer experience professionals should focus on a few key differentiators, such as unsolicited feedback collection, unstructured data analysis, and professional services. Once oriented, they should collaborate with their market insight partners to assess their enterprise feedback management needs. But firms shouldn't get too comfortable with the enterprise feedback management market as it is today. Forrester sees major shifts on the horizon as technology giants enter the market and enterprise feedback management blends with customer and business intelligence.
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    • Capitalizing On The Voice Of The Customer Involves Complex Challenges
    • Enterprise Feedback Management Vendors Simplify VoC Processes

      Work With The Market Insight Team To Assess Your EFM Needs

      There's A Bigger Wave Of Market Evolution On The Horizon
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