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Customer Experience Professionals

Customer experience leaders must create experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations to drive profits.

To succeed, you must design outstanding experiences and the ecosystem to deliver them, demonstrate the business value of customer experience as a discipline, and lead its adoption across the organization.

Who this role is for:

Chief Customer Officer
Chief Experience Officer
Director of Customer Experience
VP of Brand Experience

Vice President and Group Director Moira Dorsey (01:31)

Challenges Facing Today’s Customer Experience Leaders

Transform the customer experience and the organization to deliver it:

Reinvent Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Ecosystem Playbook For 2015

Use digital to drive CX innovations and competitive advantage:

Digital Customer Experience Trends, 2015

The Digital Customer Experience Improvement Playbook For 2015

Use mobile moments to transform customer perceptions:

Three Key Features That Increase App Engagement

Use big data to design and deliver quality experiences:

The Data-Driven Design Revolution

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Report: Anchor Your CX Strategy In Customer Understanding

November 24, 2015 | Deanna Laufer

Great customer experiences stem from a company's deep understanding of its customers' motivations, goals, and behavior. This understanding is fundamental to breaking the cycle of asking and receiving...

Report: Executive Q&A: Design Personas And Customer Journey Maps

November 16, 2015 | Tony Costa

Personas and customer journey maps are valuable tools that support customer experience (CX) professionals' tactical design decisions and high-level strategic goals of progressing toward...

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Analysts Serving This Role

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    John Dalton

    Customer Experience Management, Marketing & Strategy...

  • Jonathan Browne

    Jonathan Browne

    Omnichannel Customer Experience, Personas & Scenarios...

  • Thomas McCann

    Thomas McCann

    Omnichannel Customer Experience, Customer Advocacy...

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