Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM systems leverage technology to organize and synchronize marketing, sales, customer service, and technical support processes, helping organizations reduce costs and improve efficiency. Forrester provides advice on how to plan, justify, evaluate, implement, and improve areas like sales force automation and sales effectiveness, customer service and support, customer self-service and assisted service, and multichannel management. Research coverage includes CRM architecture, strategy, deployment, and services.

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  • Consumer Electronics
  • For B2C Marketing Professionals

    Report:Understanding The Changing Needs Of Online Consumers In Asia Pacific, 2012

    Asia Pacific Technographics®

    For the past seven years, Forrester has been tracking consumers' online and offline behavior in Asia Pacific. As in recent years, this dedicated report helps companies understand the online and...

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  • For CIO Professionals

    Report:Pioneer Vendors: Smart, Connected Products For The Internet Of Things

    Five Startups Transforming Customer Experience In A Connected World

    Many companies are rethinking the nature of their products and services as connectivity and control become easier. Smarter, more connected products are being enabled as the Internet of Things (IoT)...

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  • For CIO Professionals

    Report:Quick Take: Observations From IFA 2014

    CIOs Need To Recognize The Value Of Consumer Electronics For Their Business Technology Strategies

    Forrester recently visited the oldest and largest global consumer electronics trade fair, Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), which took place in Berlin. IFA 2014 demonstrated that smart consumer...

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  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report:The Customer Experience Index, Italy 2014

    How good is the experience at leading Italian companies? This report helps answer that question by providing a benchmark of the quality of customer experience for 31 Italian brands across seven...

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  • For B2C Marketing Professionals

    Report:The European eCommerce Landscape

    A European Consumer Technographics® Report

    The Internet plays an important role in European consumers' retail habits, and its influence will only grow. Our data shows that just over two-thirds of European online consumers shop online,...

    • Downloads: 98
  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report:The China Customer Experience Index, 2015

    A Benchmark Of How Well Brands In China Use The Customer Experience To Create And Sustain Customer Loyalty

    For the first time, Forrester has applied the new Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) methodology to appraise how well companies in China are delivering customer experiences that create and...

    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:One Task, Many Devices

      A Technographics® 360 Report: Using Survey, Qualitative, And Behavioral Data

      We live in a screen-saturated world. From mobile phones and tablets at our fingertips to laptops and desktops at the heart of our offices and homes, we live our lives by moving from one device to...

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    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:TV Ads Break Their Content Shackles

      TV Ad Targeting Enters The 21st Century, And Marketers Will Finally Be Able To Target Audiences, Not Just Content Type

      Historically, television had just one way of delivering advertising: embedding it directly in the show so everyone who tuned in saw the same ad. But consumers' increasing appetite to watch TV on...

      • Downloads: 211
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Government Spending Brinksmanship Drags Down The 2013 US Tech Market Outlook

      We Cut Our 2013 Spending Growth Estimate To 3.9% From 5.7%

      By rights, US CIOs should be looking at a relatively decent 6% growth in their tech purchases in 2013, as we had predicted earlier this year. Instead, the drag on the US economy and on US tech buying...

      • Downloads: 201
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:The Smart Home Finally Blossoms

      Connected Home Activities Will Challenge CIOs To Support Smart Products That Deepen Customer Engagement

      After decades of poorly executed home automation systems and gadgets, startups are taking advantage of mobile tech advances to deliver slick smart home devices that support a wide range of activities...

      • Downloads: 202
    • For Customer Experience Professionals

      Report:Build Seamless Experiences Now

      Experience Persistence Transforms Fragmented Interactions Into A Unified System Of Engagement

      Multidevice ownership and pervasive connectivity mean customers now have, use, and expect multiple ways to interact with companies far beyond the desktop or retail outlet. This change in behavior is...

      • Downloads: 759
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Forrester Research eReader Adoption Forecast, 2014 To 2019 (US)

      ForecastView Spreadsheet

      Part of our global eReader adoption forecast, this forecast details the sales and installed base for eReader devices as well as book market spending. It also includes total book (physical and...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Forrester Research Online Access Forecast — Broadband, 2012 To 2017 (EU-7)

      ForecastView Spreadsheet

      Online households and broadband households by access platform (DSL, cable, and fiber) for the EU-7 countries of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. Includes...

      • Downloads: 5
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Defining The Boundary Between Business Tech Buying And Consumer Tech Buying

      Understanding Who Chooses And Who Pays For Devices That Span Business And Personal Tasks

      The spreading bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon has created a more complex landscape of tech buying. But traditional divisions between consumer tech purchases and business tech purchases still...

      • Downloads: 241
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Forrester Research Interactive Marketing Forecast By Industry, 2013 To 2018 (US)

      ForecastView Spreadsheet

      Breaks out company spending on interactive marketing segmented by 12 industries. Each industry's spending is further broken into the various components of interactive marketing: display, paid search,...

      • Downloads: 16
    • For Customer Experience Professionals

      Report:Customer Experience In The Post-PC Era

      Vision: The Digital Customer Experience Improvement Playbook

      The rapid consumer adoption of mobile devices, new interfaces, and the changing behaviors they encourage have transformed how customers engage with companies. Gone are the days when companies could...

      • Downloads: 1527
    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Five Lessons For Achieving Successful Digital Customer Experience Technology Results

      The Age Of The Customer Gives AD&D Professionals A Chance To Lead The Transformation To A Winning, Customer-First Strategy

      In the age of the customer, application development and delivery (AD&D) pros must deliver digital customer experience technology that helps put a smile on the customer's face and drives business...

      • Downloads: 415
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Reasons For US Advertising Spending Shift From Offline To Online Media

      ForecastView Document

      Forrester recently published our online display, paid search, and social media advertising forecasts in the US. As per Forrester estimates, total US online spending, which includes online display,...

      • Downloads: 20
    • For CMO Professionals

      Report:How To Ride The Rise And Fall Of Digital Devices

      The eReader Case Study Illustrates How The Next Wave Of Gadgets Will Play Out

      Our digital era has witnessed the ascent and decline of a stunning number of new devices: The PDA, the digital camera, and the dedicated MP3 player have all risen to prominence only to collapse into...

      • Downloads: 347
    • For Customer Experience Professionals

      Report:The US Customer Experience Index, Q1 2015

      Benchmarks: The Customer Experience Maturity Playbook

      Three-quarters of companies want to improve their customer experience (CX) in 2015. Forrester's first US Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) benchmark of 2015 sets the baseline that will tell...

      • Downloads: 1049
    • For Customer Experience Professionals

      Report:The Customer Experience Index, 2014

      How good is the customer experience at your company — as rated by your own customers? This report helps answer that question by providing benchmarks of the quality of customer experience for...

      • Downloads: 2534
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Forrester Research Connected Devices Forecast, 2012 To 2017 (US)

      ForecastView Spreadsheet

      Adoption and ownership of game console devices, Blu-ray Disc players, and HDTVs among US households. Includes unit sales and installed base of: 1) game consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, etc.) by...

      • Downloads: 10
    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Forrester Research World eReader Adoption Forecast, 2014 To 2019 (Global)

      ForecastView Spreadsheet

      With strong growth in sales and consumer ownership of tablets, smartphones, and other multipurpose devices squeezing the market for single-function devices, global sales of dedicated eReaders peaked...

      • Downloads: 6
    • For CMO Professionals

      Report:Brief: Google's Nest Buys Dropcam To Disrupt Digital Lifestyle

      CMOs' Strategies Must Tackle Environmental Scanning

      As June 2014 drew to a close, the tech press assembled in San Francisco to cover announcements from the annual Google I/O developer's conference. But the media mostly missed a significant...

      • Downloads: 155
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Forrester Research World eReader And eBook Forecast, 2012 To 2017 (Global)

      ForecastView Spreadsheet

      Global sales and installed base of eReader devices in 53 countries. Also includes total book (physical and digital) and eBook spending for each country. Includes historical data back to 2010 plus a...

      • Downloads: 5