Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM systems leverage technology to organize and synchronize marketing, sales, customer service, and technical support processes, helping organizations reduce costs and improve efficiency. Forrester provides advice on how to plan, justify, evaluate, implement, and improve areas like sales force automation and sales effectiveness, customer service and support, customer self-service and assisted service, and multichannel management. Research coverage includes CRM architecture, strategy, deployment, and services.

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  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Infrastructure & Operations
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Top Technologies For The Infrastructure & Operations BT Agenda

    Your company's only route to sustainable competitive advantage is to deliver a superior customer experience. Because your customers, channels, competitors, and coveted talent are digital, your...

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  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Case Study: Jason's Deli Delivers Delicious Customer Service And Experience

    Visibility And Interconnectivity Yield A Responsive Service Ecosystem And Curious Workforce

    It's difficult to make a good sandwich if you don't understand your customer's order or you can't find the ingredients you need. Similarly, it's difficult to deliver a service smoothly if you don't...

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  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Quick Take: Salesforce Wear Opens Up New Enterprise Wearables Opportunities

    Salesforce Wear Developer Pack Will Drive Enterprise Adoption Of Both Wearables And Salesforce1

    On June 10, 2014, announced Salesforce Wear, a bundle of free tools aimed at expanding the mobile potential of the Salesforce platform with wearables. This program offers support for...

    • Downloads: 174
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Key ITSM SaaS Solution Capabilities

    This workbook supports the "Market Overview: IT Service Management SaaS Tools Update 2014" Forrester report and describes each vendor's ITSM SaaS capabilities in detail.

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  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Market Overview: IT Service Management SaaS Tools Update, 2014

    Growing Vendors Offer Alternatives, Established Vendors Ride The SaaS Momentum

    IT service management (ITSM) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions have been widely adopted by IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations around the globe to help deliver technology...

    • Downloads: 587
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Find The Sweet Spot For Your Bring-Your-Own-Device Program

    Continuous Improvement: The Workforce Enablement Playbook

    Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders have the opportunity to offload costs and responsibility while increasing productivity by launching formal bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs that meet...

    • Downloads: 365
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Building The Foundation For Customer Insight: Hadoop Infrastructure Architecture

    The proliferation of customer-facing data-intensive systems in almost every modern enterprise has catalyzed the rapid deployment of big data environments, commonly with Hadoop as the underlying...

    • Downloads: 528
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:The State And Direction Of Service Management: Progression, Deceleration, Or Stagnation?

    "How do we stack up against our peers?" is perhaps the most common question asked of Forrester, and never has this information been more important for service management and automation (SMA)...

    • Downloads: 475
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Setting The IT Service Desk On Fire

    Learn How To Dramatically Increase Customer Experience From Others

    For many organizations, customer experience surveys of the IT service desk are already in place. However, if customer experience scores are at unacceptable levels, knowing what and how to change can...

    • Downloads: 398
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:This Isn't Your Grandfather's Service Desk

    How To Transform Your Service Desk To A Customer-Experience-Focused Organization

    While the service desk remains the primary point of contact for business customers with issues, questions, and challenges related to their hardware and software, the traditional metrics focus on...

    • Downloads: 373
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Service Catalog Case Study: Fife Council's Journey To Customer Service Excellence

    Service Catalog As A Strategic Control Point For Business, Government, And Community

    Fife Council is a unitary authority with an IT department responsible for providing services and support to both its business and the community of Fife, Scotland, totaling over 385,000 people. This...

    • Downloads: 232
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:The State And Direction Of IT Service Management: 2012 To 2013

    Forrester Research, in conjunction with itSMF-USA, conducted its second annual survey to understand the state of IT service management (ITSM) in 2012 and its direction in 2013 — a critical...

    • Downloads: 1081
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:IT Service Management Case Study: Making The Transition From On Premises To SaaS With BMC

    Good Practices When Migrating To An SaaS-Delivered ITSM Solution

    How do you successfully move IT service management (ITSM) tool enablement from an on-premises model to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model? A North American brand communications agency found itself...

    • Downloads: 347
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Evolve Your Service Management And Automation Skills And Staffing

    This report outlines the skills and staffing for Forrester's solution for infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives working on a service management and automation strategy. This report is...

    • Downloads: 763
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Develop Your Road Map For Service Management And Automation Processes

    This report outlines Forrester's solution to help IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders develop their road map of service management and automation processes (SMA) using Forrester's...

    • Downloads: 1967
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Planning Road Map: Adopting ITIL

    ITIL is now in many ways bigger than its "master" — IT service management. From its origins in the UK government, its use has grown rapidly in the last decade and ITIL continues to dominate...

    • Downloads: 1009
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Five Steps To Improve Service Desk Effectiveness

    The service desk is your IT organization's first line of response to business user incidents and requests. Because these interactions shape your business' perception of IT, it's critical to not just...

    • Downloads: 651
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Case Study: Orrick's Service Desk Knowledge Management Journey

    During a self-evaluation, the Orrick service desk team realized a shortcoming around knowledge management. The issues ranged from out-of-date information and lack of common terminology to...

    • Downloads: 374
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Real-Time Analytics For Contact Centers

    Do You Know What Your Customers Are Thinking?

    Although contact centers and customer support managers collect data on their agents' performance, too little information is known about what their customers are experiencing during an interaction....

    • Downloads: 1428
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Market Overview: IT Service Management Support Tools

    An Overview Of The Modern Service Desk And Other Technologies

    The service desk market generated more than $1.3 billion in 2008 and is expected to grow at about 10%. This market segment has experienced very little innovation in the past few years. The goals of...

    • Downloads: 3044
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Knowledge Management Is A Foundation For Good Customer Support

    A Best Practice Introduced To The IT Operations And Service Desk Teams

    As IT organizations deepen their maturity in service management, they progress from a simple ticketing system to an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) process-oriented service desk with self-service...

    • Downloads: 1072
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:The Low-Hanging Fruit That Service Operations Teams Should Consider Now

    Some IT organizations are confident that they can weather the storm of our current economic situation. Others believe they can maintain their current staffing level, and some are saying that they can...

    • Downloads: 1540
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Next-Generation Contact Centers

    Solutions To Keep Pace With Your Customers

    Contact center customer support needs to evolve to better serve customers who no longer rely on one venue for receiving information but instead engage multiple sources. In addition to checking a...

    • Downloads: 1417
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:The Help Desk Is On The Critical Path For Pandemic/Disaster Recovery

    Oft-Overlooked Group Is Key To Business Continuity

    The designation of the H1N1 flu virus as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) should, once again, prompt organizations to revisit their business continuity planning processes. However,...

    • Downloads: 332
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Twelve Criteria For Contact Center Outsourcers

    Questions Companies Need to Ask When Engaging A Contact Center Outsourcer

    Many companies consider outsourcing their contact center or customer service centers to improve operational efficiencies and to increase customer satisfaction. However, many decision-makers know...

    • Downloads: 789