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Data Defines The Future Of Social Relationship Platforms

How And Why Emerging SRPs Are Overtaking Established Vendors

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    More marketers use branded Facebook pages and Twitter accounts than use any other social tactic, but barely one-half say they're satisfied.Many don't know what content to post, or when; others don't have the human resources they need to succeed; and most say they can't measure effectively. And the social relationship platforms (SRPs) they hire to solve these problems just aren't offering much help. In fact, most marketers wouldn't recommend their SRP to a peer. This report details how smart vendors are using "data in, data out" practices to find innovative solutions to marketers' problems — and reveals which emerging SRPs are leading the way.
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    • Social Relationship Platforms Aren't Solving Marketers' Problems
    • Vendors That Use "Data In, Data Out" Practices Will Win The Market

      "Data In, Data Out" Models Will Disrupt The Entire Social Space
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