David K. Johnson

Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations PROFESSIONALS

David serves Infrastructure & Operations Professionals and has one passion and one goal: helping companies create workforce computing experiences that engage people and enable them to do their best work. He is an expert in client virtualization technologies, including VDI, terminal services, application virtualization, desktop and mobile OS platforms, and converged infrastructures for VDI and DaaS. Forrester calls these technology capabilities digital workspace delivery. He helps Forrester clients build mastery of three things: workforce computing technologies, the audit and legal compliance aspects of workforce computing strategy, and the human behavior science of motivation and engagement.

Previous Work Experience

David is a former software executive with 15 years of industry experience focused on client management and related operational processes and tools. He has taken new products from zero to $100 million in revenues; he has also managed mature product lines and portfolios through all parts of the value chain — from vision, through execution and marketing, to successful selling. More importantly, David has worked directly with dozens of global organizations to understand how they function and how they use technologies most effectively.

Prior to Forrester, David was the VP of global marketing for Matrix42, a client management company based in Frankfurt, Germany; there, he worked with organizations to understand and develop solutions for their desktop transformation initiatives and coached sales teams to position and sell them effectively. In addition, David led product management and strategy for BMC Software's configuration automation for clients, cloud life-cycle management, and data center automation product lines. He also spent five years at Altiris/Symantec leading product management and marketing for the service desk and IT asset management product lines.

David K. Johnson's Research

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