Derek Miers

Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture PROFESSIONALS

Derek serves Enterprise Architecture Professionals. He is an internationally recognized expert in business process management (BPM) and organizational transformation. He has worked in this area for more than 20 years, dealing with major brands, governmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Derek's research focuses on the methods, approaches, frameworks, tools, techniques, and technologies of business architecture; BPM; business process improvement; business transformation; and organizational change. He places special emphasis on an outcome-based, customer-focused approach.

Previous Work Experience

Derek is a well-known keynote speaker and chair of major EA conferences. As co-chair of, he helped merge the organization with the Object Management Group (OMG).


Derek completed the Early Growth Program at London Business School.

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  • Christian Kane
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report:Build A Corporate App Store Into Your Workforce Computing Strategy

    I&O Should Manage Mobile Complexity Through A Corporate App Store

    Today, employees are using personally owned smartphones and tablets at work, and firms are leveraging an array of mobile applications to interact with employees, customers, partners, and suppliers....

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  • For CIO Professionals

    Report:Quick Take: Apple And IBM Team Up To Create A New Enterprise Mobile Platform

    New Partnership Melds Complementary Strengths In Consumer And Enterprise Markets

    The leading mobile OS devices from Apple and Google have blossomed in enterprise settings because individuals want the same mobile devices and apps at work that they use in their personal lives. But...

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  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Blog:Symantec’s Acquisition Of Nukona Is A Signal That Mobile Management Is Finally Growing Up

    On Tuesday, Symantec announced it will acquire Nukona – an application management solution. Haven’t heard of them? I don’t blame you. And here’s why: The scope of mobile...

    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Quick Take: IBM Acquires Fiberlink To Bolster Its MobileFirst Portfolio

      Prospects Are Good For This Acquisition, Which Matches Complementary Strengths

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Blog:Introducing The Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) Wave

      Last week we published the new Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Mobile Management, Q3 2014, evaluating 15 of the vendors emerging to help organizations transform and enable their workforce with a...

      • For Security & Risk Professionals

        Report:Build A Corporate App Store Into Your Corporate Mobility Strategy

        Manage Mobile Complexity Through A Corporate App Store

        Today, many employees use their personally owned smartphones and tablets for work to access a variety of mobile applications. Some companies are also proactively deploying mobile applications to...

        • Downloads: 548
      • For Security & Risk Professionals

        Report:Charter A Mobility Council With Seven Tasks

        Smartphones, tablets, and the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs have put tremendous pressure on IT to revamp and rethink its mobile strategy: everything from procurement and development...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Redefine Your Mobile Policy To Empower Workers

        This report outlines the policy recommendations of Forrester's solution for security and risk (S&R) and infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives working on mobile and security operations. This...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:I&O Leaders: Engage Employees For Successful Tablet And Mobile App Adoption In 2013

        Forrester data continues to show employee demand for business ready smartphones, tablets, and mobile applications. This presentation walks you through our data and provides insight into how your...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Quick Take: What iOS 7 Means To I&O Pros And Information Workers

        New APIs From Apple Give Mobile Management Vendors New Avenues To Support Mobile Workers

        On September 10, 2013, Apple hosted an event at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters to usher in its latest mobile offerings, including an update to iOS 7. This update to its mobile OS offers new...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Charts & Figures:The Modern Workplace Is Rife With Distractions

      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Redefine Your Workforce Enablement Policy To Empower Employees

        Policy And Procedures: The Workforce Enablement Playbook

        To ensure that employees are armed with the technology they need to do their best work and delight customers, infrastructure and operations (I&O) managers are embracing desktop modernization projects...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Mobile Management, Q3 2014

        The 15 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

        Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals face a difficult mandate: Enable the workforce to navigate the ever-changing landscape of mobile scenarios while continually ensuring that their...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:I&O Skills And Staffing In A Consumerized World

        Organization: The Workforce Enablement Playbook

        The challenge of deploying and supporting a wide range of new technologies to support their company's increasingly mobile workforce has triggered infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Create A Habitat Of Technology Engagement And Enablement For Your Workforce

        Executive Overview: The Workforce Enablement Playbook

        Mobility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) top the list of any infrastructure and operations (I&O) leader responsible for workforce enablement — your firm's employees need both tools and...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:What You Need In A Mobile Collaboration App

        Forrester's Guide For Assessing Cloud Collaboration Vendors' Preparedness For The Mobile Mind Shift

        Helping an increasingly mobile workforce work with customers has been a catalyst for many Forrester clients to move toward cloud collaboration technologies like Box and Google Apps. However, to truly...

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      • For Security & Risk Professionals

        Report:Enable Mobile Engagement Through A Cross-Functional Mobile Security Team

        Organization: The Mobile Security Playbook

        This report outlines the skills and staffing needs for Forrester's solution for security and risk (S&R) executives working on mobile security strategy. We designed this report to help S&R executives...

        • Downloads: 202
      • For Security & Risk Professionals

        Report:Quick Take: VMware Acquires AirWatch To Re-Energize Its Mobile Security Strategy

        On January 22, 2014, VMware announced its plans to acquire the company AirWatch for approximately $1.5 billion in cash, installments, and assumed equity. This major transaction comes on the heels of...

        • Downloads: 144
      • For Security & Risk Professionals

        Report:Define A Road Map For Mobile Security And Operations

        This report outlines the road map of Forrester's solution for security and risk (S&R) executives working with their counterparts in infrastructure and operations (I&O) to build a five-year technology...

        • Downloads: 1367
      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Develop Your Workforce Enablement Balanced Scorecard

        Performance Management: The Workforce Enablement Playbook

        This report outlines Forrester's solution for developing effective metrics to measure the performance of your workforce enablement initiatives. Identifying and implementing a comprehensive, relevant...

        • Downloads: 326
      • For Security & Risk Professionals

        Report:Quick Take: Android For Work Upends Multiple Markets

        On February 25, 2015, Google publicly announced its latest functionality updates to the Android OS, titled "Android for Work" (AFW). The efficiency and security improvements delivered by AFW will...

        • Downloads: 44
      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Brief: Master Mobile Device Life-Cycle Management

        How To Apply Device Life-Cycle Thinking To The IDEA Framework

        Mobility is reshaping how businesses engage with their customers. This seismic shift has driven a diverse set of new mobile technologies into companies in every industry — and the onus of...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Brief: The Future Of Mobile Device Management

        Enterprise Mobile Management Solutions Must Support, Secure, And Improve Employee Experience

        Mobile device management (MDM) is the common technology used by enterprises to enable their workforce to obtain the right access on their mobile devices. However, early solutions were only able to...

        • Downloads: 520
      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Brief: California's Employee Reimbursement Ruling Won't Stem BYOD

        On August 12, 2014, a California appellate court ruled that a company whose employees were required to use personally owned mobile phones to make voice calls for company business must reimburse them...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Charts & Figures:Tablet Owners Adopt And Use More Business Apps Than Smartphone Owners

        Road Map: The Workforce Enablement Playbook