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Design Mobile Apps From The Outside In

Policy And Procedures: The Mobile App Development Playbook

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    This report outlines best practices in mobile app design that application development & delivery professionals can use to design great mobile apps. Customer expectations for mobile apps have never been higher. People use apps that are amazingly intuitive and make them feel pampered, and they quickly start to wonder why all their app experiences can't be like that. The bar has risen — big time. If you think mobile app design is about choosing the best development tools and designing for a smaller screen size, guess again. Sure, the platform is important, but great mobile user experiences don't happen just because you chose the best development tools. To deliver apps your users will love, you must design and develop a user experience that is useful, usable, and desirable and that takes into account the mobile context, and you have to design for emotion. Design is the differentiator. Great mobile apps are the result.
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    • You Must Get The Mobile User Experience Right
    • Mobile Context Is King When It Comes To Mobile App Design
    • The Three Best Practices Of Outside-In Mobile App Design
    • Best Practice No. 1: Create Mobile Personas Of Your Users
    • Best Practice No. 2: Design For The Mobile Context And For Emotion
    • Best Practice No. 3: Validate Your Mobile App

      If You Want To Differentiate, You Have To Design
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