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Determine The Business Value Of An Effective Security Program — Information Security Economics 101

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    This report outlines Forrester's approach to helping you financially model information security. In today's seemingly never-ending cycle of new technologies, cyberthreats, and regulations, it's almost impossible for CISOs to meet all of the modern organization's security demands. In this difficult environment, senior leadership will evaluate the CISO not only on technical performance but also on how he or she manages information security as a business -- prioritizing expenditures and making tough financial calls. Forrester presents the Information Security Value Model, which you can use to calculate the financial value that information security provides to the business in terms your executive colleagues will understand. With this approach, you'll be able to make tough and effective financial decisions and demonstrate appropriate use of resources.
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    • CISOs Still Struggle With Security Justification
    • Information Is Now The Product — It Produces The Revenue
    • Show Value With Forrester's Information Security Value Model

      Use A Sound Financial Model To Drive Security Decisions
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      Capture Information Asset Revenue

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      Capture Information Security Costs