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Determine The Right Practices For Your Organization's BYOD Stipends

SVM Worries About Impact On Revenue Commitments And Discount Eligibility For Corporate-Liable Users — Don't!

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    This report answers three questions about enterprise mobile bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices: 1) what the major trends are regarding BYOD adoption; 2) how firms are managing their BYOD programs to minimize the impact on volume pricing; and 3) what kinds of stipends are being offered to BYOD users. This report presents Forrsights survey results and anecdotal information provided by Forrester IT clients responsible for mobility sourcing and management regarding mitigating the impact of BYOD on negotiated mobility pricing and retaining control over sourcing management. We provide best practice recommendations regarding stipends and cost optimization with BYOD.

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    • BYOD Helps Resolve The Smartphone And Tablet Eligibility Debate
    • Proactivity Can Reduce Buying-Power Erosion

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