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    This report outlines the stakeholder needs of Forrester's solution for infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives working on a service management and automation strategy. We designed this report to help you plan for stakeholder needs: The evolution of technology, costs, and business services means that IT roles and skills are constantly changing — particularly for I&O professionals. In most cases, new roles and skills are acquired reactively by either hiring or training employees when the need arises. But this takes time, and the latency between requirement and fulfillment puts many projects and the longevity of your I&O organization in jeopardy, especially when the desired skills are much in demand and relatively scarce. The answer to this issue is to create a strategic staffing plan for service management and automation (SMA) that complements the SMA strategic plan and aligns to enterprise and IT strategic objectives. This report provides a framework to anticipate skill requirements and eliminate the delay to bring new talent to deliver your SMA strategy. We look at why most staffing plans fail, methods to create a successful plan, how to collaborate with human resources to prime the talent and skill pipeline, and what key stakeholders to engage.
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    • The Importance Of Strategic Staffing Plans
    • Building Your Strategic Staffing Plan For SMA
    • Attracting Talents And Skills

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