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Digital Marketing: The Future Of Mobile Is Context

Mobile Transforms How Interactive Marketers Engage With Customers

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    Consumers will adopt and use convenient services and products. On mobile phones, this means services that offer immediacy and simplicity through a highly contextual experience. Context — the sum total of what is known about an individual along with what he or she is currently experiencing — is a moving target that will pull consumer expectations of convenience with it. For interactive marketing professionals, context translates into more targeted media buying opportunities and more relevant brand engagement. For many marketers, this is geo-targeting, today. Context is more than location. It includes a consumer's situation, attitudes, and preferences. In the short term, interactive marketing professionals must develop the ability to deliver personalized offers based on location and programs that enhance offline experiences. Longer term, interactive marketing professionals must evaluate what new contextual information will be most effective.
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    • Mobile Phones Will Be Your Customers' Preeminent Digital Engagement Channel
    • Contextual Experiences Will Define Mobile Success
    • Technology Innovations Will Drive Context Capability Forward
    • Reaching The Right Level Of Context Will Take Time And Strategic Alignment

      Lead And Own Strategy Development For Hyper-Targeted Marketing

      The Cost Of Convenience Is Privacy
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