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Disrupting Finance: Digital Investment Managers

Software-Based Startups Slash The Cost Of Managed Accounts

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    Digital investment managers like Nutmeg in the UK and Betterment and Wealthfront in the US use the Internet to offer customized, diversified portfolios — also known as managed accounts — to retail investors at much lower fees than established asset management, life insurance, and wealth management firms do. By using software to create and rebalance the portfolios on a schedule that minimizes costs and taxes, these startups are poised to save millions of investors millions of dollars in portfolio management fees. Read this report to learn who the main players are, to assess their disruptive potential, and to understand how to outflank them.

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    • 1. What are digital investment managers?
    • 2. Who are the main players?
    • 3. What problem are they trying to solve?
    • 4. What headway have they made?
    • 5. Should we be worried?
    • 6. How should you react?