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Do Your Employees Advocate For Your Company?

An Empowered Report: Find The Promoters And Detractors In Your Workforce

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    Employees can be powerful advocates for their employers — or not. They can recommend products and services or refer their friends for employment —or not. So which is it? We decided to find out in Forrester's most recent Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey of 5,519 information workers in the US, Canada, the UK, France, and Germany. Sadly, across the board we found more detractors than promoters. But employee advocacy varies widely by industry, profession, country, technology attitude, and job level — so there's hope. It's time for content and collaboration professionals to understand this problem. Begin by working with your peers in HR and the executive management to find employee detractors and promoters, and then build programs to convert detractors and amplify the impact of advocates.
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    • Do Your Employees Advocate For Your Company? Sadly, Most Don't.
    • How To Measure Employee Advocacy
    • The Sorry State Of Employee Advocacy

      Work With Senior Managers To Put Employee Advocacy Insights To Work
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      Employee Advocacy By Country

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      Job Level Predicts Products And Services Advocacy

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      Employee Advocacy By Profession

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      How Advocacy Relates To Tech Behaviors In North America