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    Top executives believe that culture affects job satisfaction, decision-making style, and communication inside IT. However, culture is typically not something organizations deliberately create — instead, it results as a byproduct of other activities such as the introduction of new management, mergers, and growth. A positive culture improves an organization's performance and the quality of its outputs — a negative one saps them. Positive cultures rely on an organization's clarity of purpose, leadership, communication, and consistent reinforcement of values and norms. Executives should assess their culture profile to test fit with enterprise expectations and make necessary changes to improve the fit.
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    • CIOs Believe That Culture Affects IT Success
    • Cultures Evolve From Three Linked Principles
    • Changing Your Culture — Assess First, Then Overhaul

      Look Beyond IT To Enlist Broader Change And Broaden Support

      When Culture Ossifies Into Strategy
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