Doug Washburn

VP, RoleView for BT serving Infrastructure & Operations PROFESSIONALS

Doug is a vice president of product management for Forrester's Research product, which provides business and technology leaders access to Forrester's research and analysts. He is responsible for customer analysis, competitive analysis, and delivering new products and enhancements to the customer experience.

Previous Work Experience

Previously at Forrester, Doug was a research director on the Infrastructure & Operations research team, where he lead a team of analysts responsible for delivering research and advisory solutions to clients. Doug was also a principal analyst on the same team, focused on sustainable or green IT trends, planning, strategy, and best practices. Prior to joining the research team, Doug was the global council manager for the Forrester Leadership Boards IT Infrastructure & Operations Council, a best-practice community for senior IT executives in $1 billion-plus organizations.

Prior to Forrester, Doug lived and worked in Australia and France as the vice president of strategy and business development for Red Oxygen, a wireless communications startup. In addition, Doug co-created CU Networks, a computer networking and servicing startup, serving the students of the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Doug holds a B.S. in finance from University of Colorado at Boulder and was awarded the Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Excellence.

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