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Elevate Your Sales Training Impact With A Strategic Framework

Introducing Forrester's Sales Training Solution Framework

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    Buyers command more power in the marketplace than ever before, and consequently they have greater expectations for sales reps they meet with. Sellers who do not understand and cannot help solve their buyers' business challenges will find themselves struggling to bring in revenue. But are sales reps really prepared by their organizations to succeed when the bulk of their training is dedicated to learning product capabilities rather than solving problems for customers? The onus is on sales leaders, sales trainers, and other sales enablement professionals with responsibility for training the sales force, to revamp current skills development practices to align to buyer needs. Forrester's Sales Training Solution Framework provides a structured approach to building training activities that link directly to the needs of specific buyers your company targets. Implementing this five-step framework will result in a portfolio of training that equips your sales force to delight buyers with conversations that add value and, ultimately, drives revenue.
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    • Today's Sales Training Squanders Strategic Value
    • Understand The Business Problem Before Prescribing Solutions
    • Forrester's Sales Training Solution Framework

      Work Backward From The Business Need, Not Individual Requests
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