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Embedded Security For An IP-Enabled World – A BT Futures Report

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    We live in a world where an increasing number devices and objects — from medical implantable devices to cars — come with sensors to communicate with each other and transmit information to improve process quality and customer convenience. While the key benefits associated with this innovation are self-evident, the associated security and privacy concerns are a huge inhibitor to the adoption of new devices, interactions, and processes. We discuss how embedded security, whether it involves security design at the chip level, hardware, or software design and development, will be expected to secure data, devices, and networks. We will show how the go-to-market strategies for embedded security solutions need to be vertically aligned and that the greatest demand will come from areas where embedded security will help to enable payments and new interactions. Despite growing interest and a clear need across industries, opportunities for security providers will be slow to manifest due to ambiguous industry-specific standards and a lack of overall consumer awareness, which places the development onus squarely on the shoulders of device manufacturers.
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    • Embedded Security: The Elephant To The Tech Industry's Blind Man
    • Go-To-Market Strategies Need To Align With Vertical Industry Needs
    • Vertical Business Opportunities Evolve At Different Speeds

      It's A Safari Out There! How To Ride The Elephant And Avoid Getting Trampled
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