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Embrace App Internet Architecture To Win In The Next Era Of Computing

The Multidevice World Demands A New Application Architecture

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    The rapid growth of smartphones and tablets is fueling a dramatic shift in the way people use software — a shift away from PC and web apps and toward smart-device apps. These new apps deliver much richer experiences than the Web in an always-on, lighter-weight form that people can't resist, resulting in a new model of computing that Forrester calls the app Internet. To pursue this model, application development and delivery professionals must embrace a new architecture — familiar PC or web-based app architectures won't suffice. App Internet architecture fully exploits smart devices while delivering the always-on, always-connected experiences that people demand today. These experiences require architecture that blends smart devices with cloud services while recognizing the full context of the app, including neighboring devices. Embrace app Internet architecture to deliver the killer apps that will win in the next era of computing.
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