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Embrace Holistic Change To Achieve Agile Results

Creating a Strategic Plan For Agile Transformation

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    This report outlines Forrester's strategic plan of the solution for application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals working on Agile and Lean. This report is designed to help you plan a holistic strategy for Agile and Lean transformation. Agile is popular for development teams, but in order to get the benefits across the organization, something more fundamental is required: holistic change — a change or transformation to processes, organizational models, development practices, tools, and architecture. Without a holistic, strategic approach to transformation, organizations will reduce the change's, and consequently Agile's, effectiveness. Forrester recommends a holistic change approach based on Lean principles that includes: 1) setting and tuning the program's Lean principles to adapt to company culture; 2) building the right change team to promote Agile and Lean values in an overall AD&D strategy; 3) changing the way delivery aligns to business; 4) adopting Agile processes and organizational models; 5) changing the tools and technology to support the journey to Agile while maintaining architecture and design integrity. This report describes how an organization can define and execute a holistic change strategy based on Lean to successfully transform to Agile, making learning and improvement part of the organization's DNA.
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    • Succeeding With Agile And Lean Is All About Change
    • Without A Holistic Strategy For Change, Risk Of Failure Is High
    • Set A Five-Step Strategy To Transform To Lean

      Define A Holistic Strategy To Transition To Agile, But Make It Lean
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