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Emerging Energy Technologies Open Opportunities For The Technology Industry

And No, We're Not Talking Just About Green IT

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    The global drive to research and deploy new energy technologies creates major opportunities for technology companies. Information technology — from collaboration tools to custom-built research applications, from asset management tools to customer relationship management (CRM) systems — can help energy companies address pressing technical and business challenges. Unfortunately, the energy R&D market is already complex, and it will likely change in profound, unexpected ways. To prosper in this market, technology industry (TI) vendors need a good map of what exists today to identify where their products and services might best flourish. At the same time, TI vendors should be ready to erase major parts of this map and fill it in with new details as energy research, partnerships among energy companies, the important role of government, and IT priorities evolve together.

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    • R&D Is At The Heart Of The Rapidly Changing Energy Market
    • Market Characteristics Provide Handholds For Tech Vendors
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