Emily Collins

Analyst serving Customer Insights PROFESSIONALS

Emily is an analyst focused on customer loyalty programs, with an emphasis on trends, technologies, services, and analytics. She helps marketing clients navigate the evolving customer loyalty landscape and develop intelligence-driven loyalty strategies and programs. Her research examines consumer attitudes toward loyalty programs, and the tools, skills, and processes required for Customer Insights Professionals and loyalty marketers to successfully foster meaningful relationships with their best customers.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to becoming an analyst, Emily spent three years supporting Forrester's Customer Insights research team and researching customer loyalty. She fielded quantitative and qualitative surveys of Customer Insights Professionals and performed primary and secondary research for reports and consulting projects. She contributed to published reports about B2B customer intelligence, marketing technology adoption, social intelligence, online testing, intelligence-powered CRM, marketing service providers, and cross-channel marketing measurement.

Before joining Forrester, Emily served as a marketing coordinator at Northeastern University, marketing higher education programs.


Emily holds a B.A. in English from Boston College.

Emily Collins's Research

  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Create An Evolved Loyalty Strategy, Not Just An Effective Program

    In the age of the customer, it's more important than ever to engage effectively with your customers — how, when, and where they desire. To do this, customer insights (CI) professionals mus...

    • Downloads: 1009
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Be A Loyalty Company, Not A Company With A Loyalty Program

    Customer loyalty practices come with a lot of baggage: They have become synonymous with points, discounts, and rewards. But it's time for a reality check. Loyalty is both behavioral and emotiona...

    • Downloads: 160
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Five Keys To Unlock Additional Funding For Customer Loyalty

    Committing to customer loyalty requires ongoing investment in initiatives that influence both the rational and emotional drivers of loyalty. Many executives intuitively understand that customer ...

    • Downloads: 70
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Master Your Mobile Loyalty Moments

    Today, consumers rely on their mobile phones and tablets as information, entertainment, shopping, and life companions. They expect they can get what they want in their immediate context and mome...

    • Downloads: 740
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Get All Hands On Deck To Reinforce Customer Loyalty

    Building customer loyalty requires an orchestrated effort from multiple teams: marketing, business technology (BT), customer service, customer insights (CI), and more. There are many ways a comp...

    • Downloads: 555
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Navigate The Complex Customer Loyalty Ecosystem

    Are you among the many customer insights professionals trying to boost your customers' loyalty but confused by the number of vendors offering loyalty solutions? The escalating importance of cust...

    • Downloads: 2699
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Intelligence-Driven Loyalty

    This report outlines the vision of Forrester's solution for customer intelligence executives working on driving customer loyalty. Many loyalty programs fail because they focus too heavily on dis...

    • Downloads: 1716
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: The State Of Loyalty Programs 2013

    Forrester recently surveyed 50 loyalty program marketers about their loyalty program strategies in an effort to understand the size, structure, and performance of their programs. This report con...

    • Downloads: 1814
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: The Loyalty Program Participant Profile

    Consumers have a healthy appetite for loyalty programs and are drawn in by discounts and savings. But consumers aren't necessarily just interested in the cold hard cash. Loyalty program members ...

    • Downloads: 1578
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Advance Your Approach To Customer Loyalty

    If you are serious about earning and maintaining customer loyalty, you can't treat it as a tactic or a discrete program anymore. It's an approach that requires strategic alignment, deliberate pl...

    • Downloads: 1317
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