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Empower Customers By Transforming Business Processes

A Roundtable Discussion With Forrester Analysts

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    Customers have more power today than ever before. They have tremendous influence and reach through social media, more options and choices of whom to buy from, and high expectations about customer service. Instead of hunkering down and wishing this trend would go away, or trying to change but with a penny-pinching eye on costs only, enterprises must embrace this new reality. To thrive in this new era of the customer, companies must 1) embrace customer empowerment by focusing on business process transformation from the outside in, 2) make the customer experience a high priority, 3) use change management to move the organization to a culture of customer centricity, 4) elevate social media to the status of a standard communication channel, and 5) focus on data quality to deliver a single view of the customer.
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    • Welcome The Age Of The Customer — Look At Processes From The Outside In
    • Think Like A CFO To Quantify Your Customer Experience Investment
    • Transformation Requires Getting To A Single View Of The Customer
    • Dance With Your Power Core To Get Marketing, IT, And Process To Collaborate
    • Mainstream Social Into Your Customer Engagement Platforms
    • Use Enterprise Suites For Best Practices; Use BPM Suites For Transformation

      Put Customer Empowerment At The Heart Of Your Transformation Initiative

      Continue The Customer Empowerment Dialogue
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