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    Businesses increasingly look to infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals to purchase tablets for their companies' employees, but not as a standard-issued device (i.e., a device that's automatically issued by the company) for every class of worker. Instead, specific roles within enterprises are adopting tablets and weaving them into their business processes. Traveling salespeople are the second most likely role to be issued tablets (after executives). Yet infrastructure pros can't simply purchase and deploy tablets for salespeople the way they might laptops. This report helps I&O leaders understand how tablets are empowering salespeople, why tablets are now a critical sales tool, and provides the best practices for ensuring that salespeople have the right technology to help them drive tangible business value for your company.
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    • Tablets Have Grown Into A Critical Sales Tool
    • Eight Ways That Tablets Empower Sales Professionals
    • Sales Will Buy Tablets — With Or Without Your Help

      I&O Can Add Value, But Rethink Your Role In The Process
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