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Enhance Sales Success With Better Battle Cards

Designing And Delivering Content For Sales Conversations

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    Competitive and market intelligence (CMI) teams produce battle cards that help sales reps anticipate and respond to competitors' claims. Sales reps, however, don't value today's battle cards, which typically push company messages and product features rather than parse the subjects that customers want to discuss. As CMI teams refocus their content onto customer conversations, they must also deliver battle cards more effectively, depending less on sales portals and static documents and more on emerging software tools. CMI leaders should take the first step toward better enabling sales by evaluating their current battle cards against the design principles — specificity, content, delivery, and validation — outlined in this report.
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    • Better Battle Cards Will Boost Business
    • Better Battle Cards Center On Customer Conversations
    • Principles For Building Better Battle Cards

      Setting Sales Expectations Is As Important As Battle Card Content
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