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Enhance Service Visibility To Reduce MTTR

Exploding Complexity Mandates The Consolidation Of Tools, People, And Knowledge

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    IT inexorably moves to more sophisticated models of dynamic services and cloud computing. Unfortunately, the most common operational functions remain less than dynamic and continue to focus on monitoring and responding to incidents and problems. Most IT operations teams spend an inordinate proportion of their time hunting down the various root causes for these issues, largely because chaotic practices, weak or weakly enforced processes, and insufficient technology assistance obscure the clues to resolution. Several measures can be taken to expose these clues, giving visibility to more quickly restore services to those affected by incidents and problems. This report highlights three guidelines that all infrastructure and operations (I&O) execs should follow to more effectively improve their mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) services. These guidelines improve visibility by dramatically reducing the wasted effort and the associated costs — both direct and indirect — which can lead to considerable opex reductions.
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