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Enterprise Architecture? What's In It For Me? – A Client Choice Report

To Communicate EA's Value, Architects Must Relate It To Stakeholders' Goals

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    Enterprise architects know that their EA programs provide significant value to their organizations. But communicating EA's value is challenging: As a strategic activity, it doesn't have the immediate impact of other IT activities, such as implementing new business capabilities through application projects, implementing new infrastructure, or fixing problems. In addition, architecture activities and deliverables can appear abstract and academic to executives constantly looking for bottom-line impact. Successful EA leaders overcome these difficulties only with well-planned and vigorously pursued marketing programs specifically designed to "sell" the value of EA to a variety of stakeholders. The key? Don't sell architecture, sell business capabilities.
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    • Decision-Makers Want What They Want — Are EA Leaders Helping Them Get It?
    • Best Practices In Conveying EA's Value Focus On Stakeholder Needs
    • Best Practice No. 1: Relate Everything To WIIFM
    • Best Practice No. 2: Use All The Channels But Rely On One-On-Ones
    • Best Practice No. 3: Have An Easy-To-Use EA Portal
    • Best Practice No. 4: Run Educational Sessions
    • Best Practice No. 5: Make All Discussions Marketing Opportunities
    • Next Practices For Communicating EA Value

      Sell The Vision To Sell The Tactics
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